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Leadership Coaching


We exist to spark your conscious growth opportunities and release both your leadership potential and your leadership team’s potential.

All of our programs can be delivered in person or virtually

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Facilitation online VeraSpark

Jumpstart Program

This 3-6 month program includes an assessment to establish the strengths and limitations of your current approach to leading and its effectiveness, the co-creation of a development plan for the near future, and coaching sessions to support your progress towards a more effective personal operating system.

1:1 Integrated Coaching

For the leader that wants to develop at a deeper level and improve their effectiveness over the long term, this process is customized to each client’s needs. In addition to the jumpstart tools, we employ ongoing coaching sessions and additional tools to peel back our understanding of our beliefs and narratives that turn ineffective leadership into effective leadership.

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Integrated Team

Integrated Team Coaching

Over 9-18 months, we spark the development of both the individual leader and the collective team simultaneously. As we use our 1:1 integrated coaching for each individual, we also create a trusting team dynamic by engaging everyone in monthly leader-to-leader half-day sessions. In these sessions, the team learns to understand, encourage and support each other on their individual and collective journey.

Coaching Tools

Leadership Circle Profile

The Leadership Circle Profile connects a well-researched battery of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought. Because the profile reveals the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behavior, it goes to the source of behavior to get greater leverage for change. Learn more about Leadership Circle Profile

8 Gate Matrix™

The 8 Gate Matrix Operating System™ is an alloyed blend of eight gates. Each gate is a coaching focal point and opportunity for targeted inquiry, expanded awareness, insight and new action. The eight gates work collectively to create an operating system that “boots up” the client’s capabilities.

Collective Leadership Assessment

The Collective Leadership Assessment is the most comprehensive assessment available on the overall health and effectiveness of the leadership in your organization. Used for your entire organization or just a leadership team, the CLA reveals where employees view current collective leadership effectiveness and compares that reality to the desired collective effectiveness they desire.

Leadership Coaching with Keith Lewis

Clients We Serve Best

Our clients have a strong internal desire to be different, better, more effective and happier than their current leadership experience. VeraSpark coaching clients challenge themselves, engage and experiment with new behaviors, reflect on their current belief structures and learn to become transparent, open and vulnerable.

Our clients are business professionals in senior leadership roles, or high potential leaders ready to move to their next level of success. We coach in a variety of industries that include health care, finance, energy, high tech, education, non-profit, service industries and more.

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